One of my best friends here in the Netherlands and her husband just had their second child - a boy (I would call him little, but he's a big guy!) named Ian, with gorgeous and unexpected red hair. I was lucky enough to take the newborn photos for their first child, Femke, too, so I had a fun chance to recreate a couple of shots from her shoot - plus a few before and after photos from Miranda's maternity shoot about a month ago. Miranda is one of the first people who really encouraged me to get into photojournalism ten years ago, so it's really special to be able to take these photos of her family for her now.


These first photos were taken around the end of January, and Ian was born on February 3rd.

This personalized box of the traditional Dutch muisjes was awfully cute.

The next couple of shots are diptychs of a recreation of a shot I took of Femke when she was born beside a photo of Ian.

Another special common thread between the births of both of these babies is that their grandmother was able to be visit the Netherlands from South Africa - the piano in the diptych above also traveled that route.

This was one last before and after I couldn't resist: Miranda and Ian at the piano. He's a little bit easier to see on the right :)